How We Differ

How is Champlain Creative Arts different from other creative arts programs?

Our philosophy has always been that students learn best by doing.  And so most of our courses combine practical work with theory.  Whether it is filmmaking, photography, or studio arts, you will get many opportunities to create your own productions using our in-house facilities and equipment.

We are also “smaller” than many of the other cegeps.  Far from being a disadvantage, this gives us an edge!  Because we are smaller, things are more intimate.  Our students will never be “just a number”.  They can’t really “fall through the cracks”.  While you are at Champlain, your teachers will get to know you.  They will make the effort to understand you, to see your strengths and weaknesses, and try to help you grow.  Because we are smaller, it’s easier.

Meanwhile, nearly all of our teachers are talented professionals who have worked in the fields they teach.  Many still maintain careers on the side.  In addition to keeping them active and up-to-date in terms of the material they teach, those outside commitments also provide students with access to valuable “practical” knowledge about how things work in the outside world.