5 05 2012

Camera Obscuras

For a pinhole camera assignment in their 2D/3D photo design class, both Paul Lofeodo and Chloé Lafond decided to turn their rooms into camera obscuras. Below are the outdoor projections, photographed with a digital camera and rotated 180 degrees so that you can see the image right side up.


27 04 2012

Architectural Drawing Structure and Light

When planning for this drawing, these second semester DISA students had to locate an area of the college where they would capture space.
The first part of the drawing consisted in structuring the architectural environment: mapping the perspective lines in proportion to the various areas.
The second part of the drawing consisted in allowing LIGHT to enter the architecture, bouncing off the surrounding structures.
Students could work from the existing lights or create imaginary lights that would load the atmosphere with surreal qualities.


27 04 2012

40th Anniversary Year-End Screening

Once again the Year-End Exhibition and Film Screening is upon us. And this time it’s the 40th anniversary edition. Bring your family and friends on Friday May 11th, 2012 and help us celebrate this year’s graduating visual creators. Festivities get under way at 5pm in the gallery followed by the 7pm screening in the auditorium. There are sure to be a few fun surprises. Hope to see you all there.


24 04 2012

Creative Pinhole Cameras

In honour of the upcoming World Pinhole Day, we present some creative takes on the pinhole camera. Straight from the minds of 2D/3D photo class students.


15 04 2012

Roxanne Bourbonnais

These stark, dramatic, black and white portraits are from Roxanne’s graduating photography portfolio.


15 04 2012

Hybrid Creatures

Some wacky hybrids from the DISA 2D imaging students.


14 04 2012

Mariyan Imielinski

Mariyan examines our perception of space in these 360 degree panoramas taken for her graduating photography project.


14 04 2012

Colour Narratives

Here are a few examples of narrative images from the second semester colour photography class.


8 04 2012

DISA Self-Portraits

A few examples of the self-portrait from DISA’s 2D imaging class.

wonderwomanRosalbaLopezSelf Portrait Amanda ZavosNeally Portraitjennifer miniaci project 2Commander-Lecaldare-Adriano

7 04 2012

Exhibition 2011

Here is some work from last year’s exhibition by recently graduated DISA students. This year’s exhibition is coming Friday, May 11th.