10 02 2014

More Portraits from Intro Photo

Here are a few more examples of black and white portraiture from our Intro to Photo class.


7 02 2014

Film and Disa Grad Visit

Once again, our illustrious grads have dropped by for a visit to share their experiences with a new crop of graduating students. We thank them for their wise words and generosity of time.

FilmVideo GradsDisaGrad

13 12 2013


Trying to express the mood of a sleepless night, this B+W film from Jeneva Gatien was made as part of her Light and Image Photo option class.

Restless from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

4 12 2013

Tehoniehtathe Delisle

We are proud of a recent graduate of Creative Arts, Tehoniehtathe Delisle, who was part of a team who designed a computer game based on Aboriginal Legends.  It was selected as Best New Media in this year’s IMAGINATIVE festival.


3 12 2013

B+W from Intro Class

With the popularity of black and white photography back on the upswing, here are some portraits made by our Creative Arts students in their Intro to Photo class – printed by them in our 20 enlarger darkroom.


27 10 2013

Rosalie Raymond-Heroux

These sensitive and dignified portraits of seniors are the result of Rosalie’s conversations with her subjects during her many visits to a retirement home. They where made as part of Rosalie’s final portfolio for her photo class.


1 10 2013

sculptures from our DISA students

Sculptures from our Digital Imaging/Studio Arts students.

14Brandon_Knowles13Christian_Big_Canoe12Dario_Catalano11Dario Catalano10Trystan_Warnock_Juteau09Kellie_Kiakas08Christian_Big_Canoe07Shauna_Whyte04Kellie_Kiakas03Patricia Giannakos02Shauna_Whyte01Lindy_Li_Loong

24 09 2013

In Memoriam

Laurie-Eve Cormier
Creative Arts Graduate 2012

We fondly remember our student, Laurie-Eve Cormier, who passed away this summer.  Her kindness and great spirit will surely be missed by all who knew her.


10 09 2013

Gabrielle Beland

From her final project for her graduating photography class comes Gabrielle Beland’s staged self portraits, imbued with a melancholy sense of detachment, longing and loss.


27 08 2013

Music Books 2013

Here are a few music book excerpts from the 2D/3D Photo/Design class. Each book is a visual representation inspired by a piece of music.