29 03 2013

Portraits from the studio class

Here are a few examples of portraits made by photo students in their studio course.


23 03 2013

Vanitas Winter 2013

These drawings were executed in the Vanitas style.  Each student collected objects, which were to be used in a preliminary photograph.  The resulting composition was meant to remind us of the transience of life, the futility of pleasure, and the certainty of death.   However, students could diverge from common Vanitas symbols of decay and ephemeral nature of life and allude to something personal, that this sensuous atmosphere would inspire.


21 03 2013

Field Trip to DHC

Accompanied by their teacher, Jessica Auer, our intro students visited the Thomas Demand exhibition at DHC and participated in a creative workshop.


19 03 2013

Another Exciting Grad Visit!

Graduating students in the Film/Video profile were energized after a recent visit from an illustrious former Creative Arts student, Philippe-Olivier Contant.  We looked at Phil’s delightful film, There’s a Man in the Habit of Hitting Me on the Head With an Umbrella, made while he was at Champlain, then sat enthralled as he shared interesting stories and oodles of wisdom he’s accumulated in the ten years since finishing Creative Arts.
Phil is currently Visual Content Consultant and news photographer at QMI Agency, a role which has brought him to Afghanistan and elsewhere.


28 02 2013

Danya Swoboda & Gabrielle Beland

Excepts from Danya’s and Gabrielle’s portrait series made for their 3rd semester studio photography class.


25 02 2013


The mind-boggling effects of five sticks of gum. By Film 4 students Marc-André Cloutier and Curtis Persons.

Five from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

25 02 2013


A girl on a unexpected voyage of self-discovery. By Film 2 students Emilio Ruiloba Roy and Stéphanie Paquette Morales.

Introspection from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

10 02 2013

Catherine St-Louis – Skin

The fragile surface of the body is explored in these landscape-like images taken by Catherine St-Louis in her Photo Studio Course.


10 02 2013

Still Life Photography

Here are a few examples of still life photography from the 3rd semester studio photo class.


31 01 2013

Film Grad Visit

Year after year, our wonderful grads come back to visit and share their experiences of life after Champlain with our 4th semester students.  This year ten Film/Video students came and generously answered questions about the university application process, their plans for the future, and lots more.  Our heartfelt thanks to Andrew Assaf, Marc Andre Cloutier, Marina D’Apice, Andre Dubois, Anne-Sophie Labelle, Daphnee L’Ecuyer, Lydia Levasseur, Marianne Paquette, Maude Tchang Leith, and Arnaud Vivier.