6 06 2012

Raffaella Szilagyi

Lost girl in the big city. Excerpts from Raffaella Szilagyi’s graduating photo portfolio.


4 06 2012

Glowing Orbs

Bruno Wojewodzki’s computer animation using blender software with intriguing visuals matched to a hypnotic original soundtrack.

3 06 2012

Emily Hughes

Excerpts from Emily Hughes’ graduating photo portfolio, dealing with the intimacy and complexity of the relationship between sisters.


31 05 2012

paper cowboys

A twist and a crumple on the classic western showdown. By film 3 student Catherine Boisvert.

23 05 2012


An imaginative musical and visual treat. By Film 3 students Marc-André Cloutier, Mike Ménard and Anne-Sophie Labelle.

23 05 2012

Santo Contra Elchupacabra

The spirit of a strange Mexican superhero comes to life. By Film 2 students Emilio Ruiloba Roy and Alex Turcot St-Laurent.

22 05 2012


Slow down and take time to look at life.
Time lapse from Film 3 students Chris Rob, Laurence Pagé and Justine Daly.

18 05 2012

Low Class

Here’s this year’s Portfolio class production from the 2012 graduating students in Film/Video/Communications profile.  It’s inspired by the Elvis Presley musicals of the 1950’s and 60’s, and stars our own Elvis lookalike Andrew Assaf.  Andrew is lip-syncing to an original song, “Low Class”, recorded and performed by Creative Arts students including a talented singer in our first year group, Avery Billingy-Thompson.  You might think we’re low class, but we could teach you a thing or two!

17 05 2012

Music Books 2012

From the photo students’ 2d/3d design class come “books” inspired by pieces of music.

15 05 2012

Creative Arts 2012 slide show

A year’s worth of pictures, fun and memories! 40th anniversary edition.