18 05 2012

Low Class

Here’s this year’s Portfolio class production from the 2012 graduating students in Film/Video/Communications profile.  It’s inspired by the Elvis Presley musicals of the 1950’s and 60’s, and stars our own Elvis lookalike Andrew Assaf.  Andrew is lip-syncing to an original song, “Low Class”, recorded and performed by Creative Arts students including a talented singer in our first year group, Avery Billingy-Thompson.  You might think we’re low class, but we could teach you a thing or two!

2 responses to “Low Class”

23 05 2012
Pam (05:20:54) :

Frigging FANTASTIC Dan! Wow! I am VERY impressed. Good job to all of you!

12 07 2012
Andrew MacNeill (06:51:13) :

This is a fun video … I keep coming back to see it again!