BrianBrian Finn
“Champlain was the first time art took an important role in my education. The amount of different media you get to touch and play with is remarkable, and this is an experience I will always cherish. A designer/artist is like a toolbox and the mediums are the tools, in that perspective Champlain gave me many tools to pursue a career in the creative fields.”
Brian has a degree from Concordia University in Design Arts and studied Branding and Graphic Design at the Art Center College of Design. Now he is Art director and co-founder of Pop Headwear where he has worked for clients such as Osheaga, Red Bull, X-games, Igloofest and many more. Check out his own site here.

PhillipeOlivierContantPhilippe-Olivier Contant
“I’m so glad I went to Champlain! As a francophone it helped me become fluently bilingual, which is a huge advantage in the work world; it made it possible for me to get a rewarding job in which I travel the country. Also, the “hands on” approach and the practical skills that we learned made it possible for me to begin working in my field as I was getting my University degree. This also gives me an edge because now I can boast more years of experience.”
Phillipe-Olivier has a B.A. in Communication Studies and works as the national manager of video training for Sun Media and, and is a Réalisateur WebTélé pour

FannyFanny Berthiaume
“Champlain Creative Arts was a fantastic experience for me. The two years I have spent there not only became the foundation of who I am as an artist, but also as a student and individual. The Creative Arts program gave me the opportunity to explore several different means of expression and discover and confirm the direction I wanted to follow. It gave me a solid base to pursue my passion for animation in my university years. Some of the students and teachers I have met there have become a major source of inspiration in my work and in my everyday life. When I look back at Champlain Creative Arts, what I miss most is definitely the feeling of being part of not only a program, but a family.”
Fanny has Bachelors degrees in Film Animation from Concordia and Visual Effects from Centre NAD. She has worked as a freelancer on film, gaming and illustration projects and is currently at Raynault VFX in Montreal where she creates high-end photorealistic matte paintings for all spheres of the entertainment industry. See what she is up to at

NicNicolas Gouin
“When I switched from the pure and applied science program to the creative arts, I found myself immersed in creative thinking and limitless education. Not only did I enjoy the art history classes where I learned how amazing artists shaped today’s world, but I also defined who I was as an artist myself. The teachers were very much involved in the learning process and pushed me to surpass my own concepts through trial and error. Because after all, that’s what cegep is all about: making mistakes and learning from.”
Nicolas studied Photgraphy at Concordia and is the owner/photographer/ film-maker at L’Hibou (a photo and video production house).

JPVaillancourstJean-Paul Vaillancourt
“Champlain helped me take my first steps towards what I know love and enjoy: Culture, art, design, and the thirst to see more of the world. The classes helped me improve my talents and teach me what is out there to explore. The friends and teachers I met while I was there also helped shape who I am today.”
J.P has a Baccalaureate in Industrial Design from the University of Montreal and is completing his graduate studies in Transportation Design at UQAM.

EricAngelilloEric Angelillo
“I honestly look back at Champlain as the funnest school years of my life. Champlain Creative Arts gave me lots of freedom to explore myself artistically and ultimately helped me find my way into a field I liked. I was strongly encouraged to explore different mediums and styles, which, although I was reluctant at first, in the end I found it very rewarding. Even though I always knew I wanted to be an animator, doing painting, sculpture & photography helped me greatly in gaining perspective. Champlain allowed me to gain a greater view of the world, which today I relish.”
Eric has a BAA in animation from Sheridan College. After working in animation and games for a few years he co-founded Double Stallion Games where he works as an art director. You can check out what Eric is up to here. Or see his game trailers on Vimeo here and here.

MaudeMichaudNowMaude Michaud
“I can’t stress enough how the quality of the classes surpassed any expectation I had.  At Champlain I learned & tested all the rules of filmmaking, broke most of them and learned from my mistakes.  Thanks to the program, when I started my university-level filmmaking classes, I felt I was a step ahead of the other students because I had a strong filmmaking experience under my belt.  That way, I got to focus on the content of my work rather than the technical aspects, which helped increase the quality of my films.”
Maude has a B.A in Communication Studies and an M.A in Media studies from Concordia University. Now woring as a director, you can find out more about Maude at her blog Quirk Films.

JordanCrowderJordan Crowder
“Champlain’s program rivals the best film schools around. Not even at the University level did I experience the freedom with my projects as I did at Champlain. The faculty encourages students to experiment and grow, and in a field of study (like creative arts) that is generally competitive, Champlain provides an open environment for sharing and collaborating. Champlain Creative Arts’ program is like a close-knit family where the teachers are genuinely invested in the students’ progress. Almost 5 years post-Champlain, and I still feel my best work was created in their program. The school provides a practical groundwork in film production and history, and I continue to use the tools that the program equipped me with in all my work today.”
Jordan has a degree in Radio, Television and film from the University of Texas at Austin. Visit Jordan’s website to see what he’s up to-

AndrewNobleWebAndrew Noble
“Champlain Creative Arts was a tight knit community of teachers and fellow students. It was an opportunity to discover my creative side and to explore the media. It fostered my sense of leadership and helped to focus my talents in the right place. I loved the teachers, the classes and the facilities. Also, the social life was absolutely fantastic. I made my first films, fell in love with photography, learned to write and learned to express myself. While I was at Champlain, I worked as a DJ in the Bandring, acted in plays, hosted film presentations, ran for student government and was editor-in-chief of the Champlain Bugle – which was one of the highlights of my schooling.”
Andrew has produced numerous feature films and documentaries and is Vice-President of distribution at Filmoption International. He has a degree in Communication Studies from Concordia.

Jocelyn_MichelJocelyn Michel
“I took a photo class in my last year of Pure and Applied – which lit a fire under my @$$.  In turn, it led me to abandon my studies in science to become the photographer I am today. I developed the passion for photography at Champlain – I enjoyed the projects and enjoyed “thinking out of the box”. Final portfolios & vernissage is always a very exciting time – my first one was at Champlain, and it made everything very concrete in my mind so far as what it was that I wanted to do with my career.”
Jocelyn works as a professional photographer, freelancing in editorial and advertising. Have a look at Jocelyn’s amazing photography here.

AmberLebrunAmber LeBrun
“Champlain was the best two years of school I’ve had so far. I remember how close I became with the people in the program and how I made some really great friends. The teachers really cared for each student and each student’s work. Everyone was truly there to help and you had no choice but to pull your weight with each project and work hard to get the results you wanted. This program helped to open my eyes to discover that there’s more out there after school and not to be afraid to go after it. It also taught me that rejection is inevitable but to not let it get you down, because another door is always open.”
Amber has a degree in Journalism and worked for Astral Media Radio (Virgin Radio, CHOM, CJAD). She also co-hosted and co-produced the Irish Show on CJAD.

CarolinedeKonickCaroline de Koninck
“I loved studying at Champlain College! Those two years were spent with an amazing staff who really care about their students, and teach you everything they know. Their enthusiasm was contagious, and as a result the students became very involved in their projects. It’s a time I’ll never forget.”
Caroline holds a B.F.A in film animation from Concordia University.