1 04 2015

Architectural Repetition

Using Autodesk MAYA, an architectural structure is build based on the notion of repetition. The structure’s basic element has to demonstrate the students’ design ability in solving the overall structure’s shape.
The resulting architecture may be functional in its appearance, but it can also hold formal elements that do not serve any practical purposes. Therefore, the main focus of this 3D scene is to invade the space (x, y, z axis) and propose a creative and interesting World.


1 04 2015

3D Collage

Using a collage of cut out images and various random objects, the students in the complementary introduction to studio class were asked to transform a shoebox into a surreal experience. These boxes invite the viewer to enter into a bizarre, nonsensical three-dimensional environment to have their sense of disbelief suspended, if even for only a moment.


7 03 2015

mammals and insects

The Mammals are non-uniform rational basis spline (NURBS). It is a mathematical model used for generating curves and surfaces.  In Maya, students were to use the SCULPTING tool in order to propose an organic rendering of a human creature.  In 3D imaging, Polygons propose a set of geometry tools that allow two-dimensional shape with multiple sides to be connected at vertices and to enclose the shape. In this exercise, students were to model a complete insect’s fine and complex detailing from opening a single polygon’s mathematical structure.


6 10 2014

3D Still Life Project

In Art History, there is a long tradition of Still Life, which is also called ‘Trompe l’oeil’ in paintings.  This approach consists in rendering in a realistic fashion, unanimated objects.  In this project, DISA students developed a fully modeled environment, which had to include object modeling, surface textures and lighting.


9 09 2014

Modular Architecture

DISA students were asked to create an architectural structure using repetitive modular shapes. The resulting 3D structures, aligned along the x,y and z axis, could be functional in appearance, and hold the requisite formal elements.



1 09 2014


In this modeling exercise using NURBS geometry and the sculpting brush, DISA students created mammal inspired creatures.


28 08 2014

Single Polygon Insects

Using a single polygon in Maya, Disa students had to demonstrate their ability to model realistic-looking insects.
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10 06 2011

Insects and Windmills

These crawling creatures were a first attempt to handle NURBS’ geometry into many possible anatomical features. And the inspiration for the architectural structures was the classic 17th century windmill. From our 3rd semester DISA students using MAYA.


19 04 2011

3d still life

There is a long tradition in art history of still-lifes, which are also called ‘Trompe l’oeil‘ in painting and drawing.  In this project 3rd semester DISA students had to create a fully rendered, realistic scene which had to include modeling, surface textures and lighting.


23 09 2010

3D Animation Stills

In this Advanced Digital Workshop, 4th semester DISA students began developing  more personal work.  These images were extracted from longer film projects using 3D Modeling techniques.