16 10 2014

3D animations from DISA

Three examples of 3D animations created by our Digital Imaging Studio Arts students using Maya software. After the End by David Chabot and Jade Morin. Metal Dragon by Kellie Kiakis. And Subway Disaster by Steven Labute.

AFTER THE END from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

METAL DRAGON from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

SUBWAY DISASTER from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

9 01 2011

Advanced Digital Workshop 1

Various digital techniques were used in creating these films, including drawing, painting and 3D imaging. Film makers include Tzs Ho Tsang for Big Willy, Valentina Martorana for Eve, Su Ya Fa  for Dragon, Carlo Gazzola for Castle, Marc Chuang for To Return To Live and Jasmine Juteau Maze, all in the 3D loop. In the Drawing loop we have David Waldvogel for Mondrian, Jennifer Pascual for Yo and Stephan Trinque & Gabriel Cinjau for Mischief. And finally in the B+W loop we have Robert Fuoco  for With Science and Celina Rooney for Nightmare.

23 09 2010

3D Animation Stills

In this Advanced Digital Workshop, 4th semester DISA students began developing  more personal work.  These images were extracted from longer film projects using 3D Modeling techniques.