25 11 2015

disa animations

Check out this compilation of Photoshop Animations by 2nd semester DISA students.

Photoshop Animations from CreateChamplain on Vimeo.

20 10 2014


An inventive animation by DISA student Jimmy Di Nezza.

Stuck from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

11 04 2013

Shut The World Outside

A girl not feeling very well goes to bed where impossible things start to happen. A beautifully imagined short from Film 3 students Anne-Sophie Labelle, Marianne Paquette and Sarah Tremblay Murray.

Shut The World Outside from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

4 06 2012

Glowing Orbs

Bruno Wojewodzki’s computer animation using blender software with intriguing visuals matched to a hypnotic original soundtrack.

31 05 2012

paper cowboys

A twist and a crumple on the classic western showdown. By film 3 student Catherine Boisvert.

23 05 2012


An imaginative musical and visual treat. By Film 3 students Marc-André Cloutier, Mike Ménard and Anne-Sophie Labelle.

27 09 2011

Teacher Horror Movies

These crazy “movie previews” were a feature at last year’s Friday the 13th End of Year Screening. Designed by Dan Babineau; video editing by Jimmy Hayes.

26 05 2011

Stop Motion from DISA

These are quick and fun animations that Intro to DISA students had one class period to complete.

6 02 2011

Music Addict

A dispute over who controls the music is resolved in a frantic high style 2D animation video. Made by Jennifer Kiakis for her Film Option class.

17 03 2010

Face The Beat

Strange things start to happen with a beat in this animation by Philippe-Olivier Contant, François Lamirande and Bryan Bourbonnais.