7 10 2014

Photo Still Life

A sampling of Still Life images from the photo studio class.


27 10 2013

Rosalie Raymond-Heroux

These sensitive and dignified portraits of seniors are the result of Rosalie’s conversations with her subjects during her many visits to a retirement home. They where made as part of Rosalie’s final portfolio for her photo class.


10 09 2013

Gabrielle Beland

From her final project for her graduating photography class comes Gabrielle Beland’s staged self portraits, imbued with a melancholy sense of detachment, longing and loss.


31 05 2013

Danya Swoboda

An intimate look at aging seen through the eyes of a granddaughter. Here are some excerpts from Danya’s tender photographic portrait of her grandparents made for her graduating portfolio project in the photo profile.


21 05 2013

Kara Brown

Excerpts from Kara Brown’s graduating photo portfolio. A haunting exploration of ambient night light as it affects both interior and exterior space.


28 02 2013

Danya Swoboda & Gabrielle Beland

Excepts from Danya’s and Gabrielle’s portrait series made for their 3rd semester studio photography class.


10 02 2013

Catherine St-Louis – Skin

The fragile surface of the body is explored in these landscape-like images taken by Catherine St-Louis in her Photo Studio Course.


26 09 2012

Vanessa Jourdain

In this excerpt from her graduating photo portfolio, Vanessa explores the daily rhythms and platitudes of her brothers life.


6 06 2012

Raffaella Szilagyi

Lost girl in the big city. Excerpts from Raffaella Szilagyi’s graduating photo portfolio.


3 06 2012

Emily Hughes

Excerpts from Emily Hughes’ graduating photo portfolio, dealing with the intimacy and complexity of the relationship between sisters.