25 11 2015

disa animations

Check out this compilation of Photoshop Animations by 2nd semester DISA students.

Photoshop Animations from CreateChamplain on Vimeo.

10 05 2015

43rd exhibition and screening

The 43rd edition of the year-end exhibition and screening takes place on Friday, May 15th. It’s a chance for our graduating students to present their art works, photographs and films and to celebrate their two years of hard work and creativity. Come show your support and celebrate with them. Festivities get underway at 5pm in the G-block and move to the auditorium at 7pm for the film screening. We hope to see you there.


1 04 2015

Architectural Repetition

Using Autodesk MAYA, an architectural structure is build based on the notion of repetition. The structure’s basic element has to demonstrate the students’ design ability in solving the overall structure’s shape.
The resulting architecture may be functional in its appearance, but it can also hold formal elements that do not serve any practical purposes. Therefore, the main focus of this 3D scene is to invade the space (x, y, z axis) and propose a creative and interesting World.


1 04 2015

3D Collage

Using a collage of cut out images and various random objects, the students in the complementary introduction to studio class were asked to transform a shoebox into a surreal experience. These boxes invite the viewer to enter into a bizarre, nonsensical three-dimensional environment to have their sense of disbelief suspended, if even for only a moment.


7 03 2015

mammals and insects

The Mammals are non-uniform rational basis spline (NURBS). It is a mathematical model used for generating curves and surfaces.  In Maya, students were to use the SCULPTING tool in order to propose an organic rendering of a human creature.  In 3D imaging, Polygons propose a set of geometry tools that allow two-dimensional shape with multiple sides to be connected at vertices and to enclose the shape. In this exercise, students were to model a complete insect’s fine and complex detailing from opening a single polygon’s mathematical structure.


6 02 2015

Visits to DISA Portfolio Class

This week has been a busy week in the DISA Portfolio class.  Former students have come to share their experience and expertise in order to help the current students apply to university.  From Concordia University’s Film Animation program we had Jennifer Kiakas, Kelly Kiakas, Trystan Warnock-Juteau and Steven Labute.  From Design Art, Alex Pelchat-White. From Computation Art, Jessica Maher.  And from Art Education, Matthew Birrell. We also had Thomas Bacanu, Jade Morin-Turenne and Frederique Berger-Latour share their experiences from CENTRE NAD- Centre national d’animation et de design. Also coming by and teaching the students how to build web portfolios, was Brian Finn and Louis Pierre Uzay. Brian was a DISA student who went on to Computation Arts at Concordia and the studied in California. He now works as a graphic designer at his own company, popheadwear. We thank these grads for their generosity in sharing their experiences and time with our current group.

04JennKellyTrystan03Alex_Pelchat-White06JessAlexMatthew07Thomas_Bacanu05Jess_at_computer01BrianFinnLouisPierre Uzay02Brian_Louis_lab

20 10 2014


An inventive animation by DISA student Jimmy Di Nezza.

Stuck from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

17 10 2014

photoshop animations

Four short 2D Photoshop animations by DISA students Elliot Lessoil, Dawn Martin, Pierce McCrory, Amanda Craveiro.

Photoshop Animation Compilation from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

16 10 2014

3D animations from DISA

Three examples of 3D animations created by our Digital Imaging Studio Arts students using Maya software. After the End by David Chabot and Jade Morin. Metal Dragon by Kellie Kiakis. And Subway Disaster by Steven Labute.

AFTER THE END from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

METAL DRAGON from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

SUBWAY DISASTER from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

7 10 2014

Disa Hybrid Self Portraits

From our DISA students, hybrid self-portraits.