6 10 2014

3D Still Life Project

In Art History, there is a long tradition of Still Life, which is also called ‘Trompe l’oeil’ in paintings.  This approach consists in rendering in a realistic fashion, unanimated objects.  In this project, DISA students developed a fully modeled environment, which had to include object modeling, surface textures and lighting.


2 10 2014

sculptures from DISA

A sampling of sculptures made by our students in the Digital Imaging Studio Arts profile.


22 09 2014

DISA Drawing in the Gallery

A selection of DISA intro student work in the gallery from September 19 to October 8. Come check it out.


9 09 2014

Modular Architecture

DISA students were asked to create an architectural structure using repetitive modular shapes. The resulting 3D structures, aligned along the x,y and z axis, could be functional in appearance, and hold the requisite formal elements.



1 09 2014


In this modeling exercise using NURBS geometry and the sculpting brush, DISA students created mammal inspired creatures.


28 08 2014

Single Polygon Insects

Using a single polygon in Maya, Disa students had to demonstrate their ability to model realistic-looking insects.
010StevenLabute09CatherineVu09BergevinValery08JadeMorinTurenne07AudreyLemayRoy06ThomasBacanu05FrederiqueBergerLatour04QuynhAnNguyen03EmilyCunningham02Emilio Romano01DavidChabot

5 05 2014

42nd screening and exhibition

The 42nd edition of the year-end exhibition and screening takes place on Friday, May 16th. It’s a chance for our graduating students to present their art works, photographs and films and to celebrate their two years of hard work and creative endeavours. Come show your support and celebrate with them. Festivities get underway at 5pm in the G-block and move to the auditorium at 7pm for the film screening. We hope to see you there.


1 05 2014

Faculty exhibition

An exhibition by members of the Creative Arts faculty is on in the Wayne Remington Gallery until May 7th.


26 03 2014

DISA Bonanza

Vanitas, an exhibition by first year DISA students is currently in the Wayne Remington Gallery.


1 10 2013

sculptures from our DISA students

Sculptures from our Digital Imaging/Studio Arts students.

14Brandon_Knowles13Christian_Big_Canoe12Dario_Catalano11Dario Catalano10Trystan_Warnock_Juteau09Kellie_Kiakas08Christian_Big_Canoe07Shauna_Whyte04Kellie_Kiakas03Patricia Giannakos02Shauna_Whyte01Lindy_Li_Loong