7 04 2013

Hybrid Creatures

In their second semester 2D Imaging class, students were asked to create imaginary hybrid creatures which combined elements from  animal, mineral, vegetal, and mechanical sources. Here’s what they came up with.

23 03 2013

Vanitas Winter 2013

These drawings were executed in the Vanitas style.  Each student collected objects, which were to be used in a preliminary photograph.  The resulting composition was meant to remind us of the transience of life, the futility of pleasure, and the certainty of death.   However, students could diverge from common Vanitas symbols of decay and ephemeral nature of life and allude to something personal, that this sensuous atmosphere would inspire.


19 12 2012

Self-Portraits from DISA

Digital Self-Portraits made using Photoshop and tablets from our 2nd semester DISA students.


12 11 2012

Order and Chaos

In this first drawing project, students were given a non-standard format, which they had to develop in a dynamic way.  The pictorial space had to be filled with positive-negative areas (solid versus empty), using designs elements: line, shape and texture. Principles of Design were then used, to establish in the composition, unity and balance.


4 11 2012

Tattoos and Camouflages

These drawings were done as a final project in the 2nd semester DISA drawing course.  The notions of Tattoos and Camouflage were used to give these self-portraits other possible levels of interpretation.  In this project, the students’ silhouettes were projected full scale, onto the paper surface, creating a natural boundary between the revealed-self and the hidden-self.  The skin could be layered with ‘tattooed’ content, or the background could take over and contain meaningful elements.


24 08 2012

Animated Gifs from DISA

From DISA’s 2D imaging students comes this film loop of their 2011 animated gifs. In order of appearance: Alex Pelchat-White, Eloise Marin, Michelle Mulchandini, Amanda Zavos, Jazmine Berryman, Rosalba Lopez, Jennifer Miniaci, and Neally Oertle.

15 05 2012

Creative Arts 2012 slide show

A year’s worth of pictures, fun and memories! 40th anniversary edition.

27 04 2012

Architectural Drawing Structure and Light

When planning for this drawing, these second semester DISA students had to locate an area of the college where they would capture space.
The first part of the drawing consisted in structuring the architectural environment: mapping the perspective lines in proportion to the various areas.
The second part of the drawing consisted in allowing LIGHT to enter the architecture, bouncing off the surrounding structures.
Students could work from the existing lights or create imaginary lights that would load the atmosphere with surreal qualities.


15 04 2012

Hybrid Creatures

Some wacky hybrids from the DISA 2D imaging students.


8 04 2012

DISA Self-Portraits

A few examples of the self-portrait from DISA’s 2D imaging class.

wonderwomanRosalbaLopezSelf Portrait Amanda ZavosNeally Portraitjennifer miniaci project 2Commander-Lecaldare-Adriano