12 03 2011

graffiti painting

Nicolas Rodrigue and Cedric Sarno spray painted this 8 foot by 8 foot image on plywood as part of our open house this past fall. It’s now hanging in one of the school’s hallways.


16 02 2011

Advanced Digital Workshop 3

In this course students in their graduating semester are invited to further develop their ability to translate their visual language skills into a time-based composition.
time based art: art works that are sequenced through time, that change as we view them, and that may be ephemeral (ex: video, kinetic sculpture, animation, performance works).

Faster Patience by David Alexandre Proulx-Leboeuf uses various digital techniques to create this experimental film.

15 02 2011

advanced digtal workshop 2

Stop motion was used to accomplish two very different kinds of projects. Four is by Caoimhe Beaulé, Melissa Del Balso, Katty Kang and Hillary McLellan. And Sunset Video is by Karel Chladek.

5 02 2011

Time Based Works

The following involve notions of space or objects as a fluid entity – over time.

3 02 2011


works done in 3rd semester Sculpture Class.


31 01 2011


Some final projects in a 2nd semester DISA drawing class.


29 01 2011

Graduating works

Here are some works done by DISA students as part of their graduating show.

10 01 2011

Narrative design objects

Here are some projects produced by 3rd semester photo/design students. The idea was to create an object that allowed the participation of the viewer and told a story and/or created a mood or emotion. The projects from Frédérique Roy and Roxanne Bourbonnais were also made in concert with Ashley Miller’s Beyond the Object DISA option course.


9 01 2011

Advanced Digital Workshop 1

Various digital techniques were used in creating these films, including drawing, painting and 3D imaging. Film makers include Tzs Ho Tsang for Big Willy, Valentina Martorana for Eve, Su Ya Fa  for Dragon, Carlo Gazzola for Castle, Marc Chuang for To Return To Live and Jasmine Juteau Maze, all in the 3D loop. In the Drawing loop we have David Waldvogel for Mondrian, Jennifer Pascual for Yo and Stephan Trinque & Gabriel Cinjau for Mischief. And finally in the B+W loop we have Robert Fuoco  for With Science and Celina Rooney for Nightmare.

22 12 2010

Concordia Animation Trailer

Here’s a link to a trailer put out by Concordia University’s Animation Department. Two of our former DISA students, Fanny Berthiaume and Caroline DeKoninck, are completing their studies in the program and are featured in the clip. Click here to see it.  Annie and Caroline are also featured on our Students page.