23 10 2014

Night Lights

A beautiful time-lapse video of various locations in Montreal, by Simon Huang.

Night Lights from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

6 10 2014

Figure 8

Gabrielle Martin’s experimental music video for the song Figure 8.

Figure 8 from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

13 12 2013


Trying to express the mood of a sleepless night, this B+W film from Jeneva Gatien was made as part of her Light and Image Photo option class.

Restless from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

22 05 2012


Slow down and take time to look at life.
Time lapse from Film 3 students Chris Rob, Laurence Pagé and Justine Daly.

6 11 2011

In My Head

Disturbing imagery from inside the thought processes of our main character in this experimental short from Film 4 student, Kurt Waizmann.

16 02 2011

Advanced Digital Workshop 3

In this course students in their graduating semester are invited to further develop their ability to translate their visual language skills into a time-based composition.
time based art: art works that are sequenced through time, that change as we view them, and that may be ephemeral (ex: video, kinetic sculpture, animation, performance works).

Faster Patience by David Alexandre Proulx-Leboeuf uses various digital techniques to create this experimental film.

10 09 2010


A mysterious young woman is the subject of this intriguing short film by Kim Dionne.

11 05 2010

Photo Films

These three films explore the idea of the photographic frame and how it relates to time. Forget the Decisive Moment and think about the extension of the temporal.  Andre Lai, Xavier Bleau-Prévost and Caoimhe Beaulé have all created beautiful time pieces for their Image and Light photo option class.

Stillness in Time by Andre Lai

Clementine by Xavier Bleau-Prévost

Daydreamer by Caoimhe Beaulé

23 09 2009


A short experimental film by Eliane Sauvé and Antoine Pommet-Paré.