20 10 2014


Guys planning their film project run into problems with comic results.
A film by Jon Yetman, Antonio Adu, Jeremy Lecompte-Ferland and Michael Franceschini.

Brainstorm from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

6 06 2012

Operation Toaster Strudel

A brilliant “what if ” story told with comic flair by Film 4 students Andrew Assaf, Anthony Riccio and Mike Ménard.

18 05 2012

Low Class

Here’s this year’s Portfolio class production from the 2012 graduating students in Film/Video/Communications profile.  It’s inspired by the Elvis Presley musicals of the 1950’s and 60’s, and stars our own Elvis lookalike Andrew Assaf.  Andrew is lip-syncing to an original song, “Low Class”, recorded and performed by Creative Arts students including a talented singer in our first year group, Avery Billingy-Thompson.  You might think we’re low class, but we could teach you a thing or two!

31 10 2011


The zombies are coming! The zombies are coming! Just in time for Halloween!
From Film 2 students Andrew Assaf, Catherine Boivert, Nathaniel Clouthier, Marc-Andre Cloutier and Connor McBride comes this creepily pertinent horror short.

28 10 2011


Relationships, misunderstandings, complications, plot twists. It’s all here in this short fiction from Film 4 students Melanie Cardinal, Steve Deku, and Michael Gannon.

14 03 2010

There Is A Man…

There Is A Man In The Habit Of Hitting Me On The Head With An Umbrella.
The strange tale of a young man with a very curious affliction. A film by Philippe-Olivier Contant starring Joe Drechou and Bernard Contant.

11 03 2010

Clay Brown’s Last Hoorah

Jordan Crowder’s glimpse into the life of a very depressed clown.

5 03 2010


Things start to go very wrong for a young woman terrorized by something menacing in this fictional short by Jason De Vilhena, Cédric Aubut-Boucher and Olivia Todara. Starring Sabrina Campilii.