4 06 2012

Glowing Orbs

Bruno Wojewodzki’s computer animation using blender software with intriguing visuals matched to a hypnotic original soundtrack.

31 05 2012

paper cowboys

A twist and a crumple on the classic western showdown. By film 3 student Catherine Boisvert.

23 05 2012


An imaginative musical and visual treat. By Film 3 students Marc-André Cloutier, Mike Ménard and Anne-Sophie Labelle.

23 05 2012

Santo Contra Elchupacabra

The spirit of a strange Mexican superhero comes to life. By Film 2 students Emilio Ruiloba Roy and Alex Turcot St-Laurent.

22 05 2012


Slow down and take time to look at life.
Time lapse from Film 3 students Chris Rob, Laurence Pagé and Justine Daly.

18 05 2012

Low Class

Here’s this year’s Portfolio class production from the 2012 graduating students in Film/Video/Communications profile.  It’s inspired by the Elvis Presley musicals of the 1950’s and 60’s, and stars our own Elvis lookalike Andrew Assaf.  Andrew is lip-syncing to an original song, “Low Class”, recorded and performed by Creative Arts students including a talented singer in our first year group, Avery Billingy-Thompson.  You might think we’re low class, but we could teach you a thing or two!

15 05 2012

Creative Arts 2012 slide show

A year’s worth of pictures, fun and memories! 40th anniversary edition.

30 03 2012


Images from Week 2 of “Low Class,” a  production of this year’s graduating Film/Video class.  Andrew Assaf plays “Elvis”!


21 03 2012

The making of a movie

This year’s graduating film students are busy shooting a musical video sequence.  You may see them in various locations around the college for the next few weeks.


28 02 2012


Recently a group of graduates of our Film/Video/Communications profile returned to Champlain to meet 4th semester students and share their stories about life at university.  Our heartfelt thanks go to Amanda Amato, Melanie Cardinal, Andre Dubois, Michael Gannon, Kim Handfield, Amanda Kossits, Daphnée L’Ecuyer, and Lydia Levasseur for taking time from their busy schedules.