16 11 2010

Bert Tougas

Professional cinematographer Bert Tougas recently visited the Filmmaking III classes to give a lighting workshop. Bert has worked as a director of photography since 1987, on television movies and series, including the celebrated “Street Legal”. His practical demonstration of lighting techniques is invaluable for our developing filmmakers!



26 10 2010

Bye Bye Suzie Blue Eyes

This music video for Toronto country & western artist Lee Mellor was shot at Champlain by last year’s award winning film student, Andre Lai. Also on the crew were second year students Melanie Cardinal and Michael Gannon. AV technician Pat Ellis did the lighting. Look for Creative Arts technician Ron Hiscock playing the standup bass!

21 10 2010

Last Year’s Creative Arts Program

Here is a slide show of photos showing students and teachers at work in the Creative Arts program, 2009-2010.

10 09 2010


A mysterious young woman is the subject of this intriguing short film by Kim Dionne.

7 09 2010


A startling and beautifully shot film by Andre Lai, Kim Dionne and Ryan Baird about a young man adrift in sea of uncertainty and turmoil.

11 05 2010

Photo Films

These three films explore the idea of the photographic frame and how it relates to time. Forget the Decisive Moment and think about the extension of the temporal.  Andre Lai, Xavier Bleau-Prévost and Caoimhe Beaulé have all created beautiful time pieces for their Image and Light photo option class.

Stillness in Time by Andre Lai

Clementine by Xavier Bleau-Prévost

Daydreamer by Caoimhe Beaulé

3 04 2010

The Duck

Strange things happen when time can be revisited, in this humorous ode to awkwardness by Xavier Bleau Prevost.

26 03 2010

Asian Porcelain

Andre Lai’s playful, rhythmic, short film based on an original musical performance piece.

17 03 2010

Some really cool guests for the Film/Video profile!

Recently, Donna Noonan and Janis Lundman were guests in the Film/Video profile’s “Portfolio” class.  Donna spoke in detail about the job of production designer, overseeing locations and set design for feature films and TV series.  And Janis gave the class valuable insight into the process of producing films and television.  The two have worked on the TV series Bliss, St. Urbain’s Horseman, and Durham County, as well as many other productions.


17 03 2010

Face The Beat

Strange things start to happen with a beat in this animation by Philippe-Olivier Contant, François Lamirande and Bryan Bourbonnais.