14 03 2010

There Is A Man…

There Is A Man In The Habit Of Hitting Me On The Head With An Umbrella.
The strange tale of a young man with a very curious affliction. A film by Philippe-Olivier Contant starring Joe Drechou and Bernard Contant.

11 03 2010

Clay Brown’s Last Hoorah

Jordan Crowder’s glimpse into the life of a very depressed clown.

8 03 2010

Disorder Is Creation

The whimsical work of artist Florent Vielleux is the inspiration for this unconventional documentary, as Mr. Vielleux explains what motivates his creativity. An inspiring short by Gina Dionne.

5 03 2010


Things start to go very wrong for a young woman terrorized by something menacing in this fictional short by Jason De Vilhena, Cédric Aubut-Boucher and Olivia Todara. Starring Sabrina Campilii.

26 02 2010

The Corneal Shadow

From Gina Dionne and Alex Poulin comes a great animated short that uses classic stop action technique coupled with an original soundtrack to portray an imagined world where anything is possible.

9 02 2010


This documentary by Lilian Cheung and Emily Mak is a fascinating look at the art and science of origami. You will be amazed by the unexpected applications for this ancient practice.

6 02 2010

Graduates Come Home!

The Film/Video/Communications profile recently had a visit from former students who were guests in the Portfolio class.  They shared their experiences with our current fourth-semester students, who are all busy thinking about life after Champlain!   The group of grads, who represented 10 different university programs, had plenty of practical advice about the university application process as well as first-hand knowledge about what things are like in the world of higher education.  Our thanks again to Scott Berwick, Annie-Kim Brais, Marianne Desfossés, Camille Gagnon-Chalifour, Amy Hêtu, Chris Jadah, Tyler Jadah, Mike Paolazzo, Paul Richard, and Alexanne Verville for generously giving their time.



5 02 2010

The Infection

An intense short by Mathieu Richard, Will Keating, Émilie Haley and Calvin Zoen Hei Chou for their Film 3 animation assignment.

20 11 2009


Here is a quirky cut-to-sound project by Jo-Annie Gagnon and Gabrielle Chabot.

31 10 2009

Pencil Man

Here is a short documentary about a comic book artist made by film students Gabrielle Chabot, Alyssa Valera and Karen Firth.