20 10 2009

The Untold Story of Barbie

An animation by Cindy Dellazizzo.

18 10 2009


Wow! More amazing animation, from film students Amanda Amato, Léa Brosseau and Anne-Marie Barry.

13 10 2009

You are Here

A stop motion animation by André Lai and Xavier Bleau-Prévost

29 09 2009


An animation by DISA students Sonia Wu, Wan Yu Li and Wan Ning Qi.

28 09 2009


An animation by students Denis Dumont, Meghan Del Rosso, Mathew Marzitelli and Jake Bellavance. They’d  like to point out that there are 7377 frames in this film – which is quite a few.

23 09 2009


A short experimental film by Eliane Sauvé and Antoine Pommet-Paré.

23 09 2009


It took 3000 stills and 6 months to make this animation. Here is Providence by Matthew Taillon, William Turner, Jonathan Sturgeon and Nic Delisle.

21 09 2009


More stop-motion madness from film students Ryan Baird, Ryan Graham, Adam Keeler and Matteo Modaferri for their Film 3 class.

20 09 2009

Ella Elle L’a

A cut-to-sound assignment from film students Shafique Bakush, Jessica Andrade Garcia and Ann-Catherine Bedford-Arsenault.

1 09 2009

Dear Mother

An excerpt from Dear Mother
a short film by Emma Dartois