19 12 2012

Narrative Objects 2012

Photography students constructed these experiential objects as part of their digital photo class. Some, in conjunction with DISA’s Beyond the Object option course, turned their projects into larger scale installation pieces.


10 01 2011

Narrative design objects

Here are some projects produced by 3rd semester photo/design students. The idea was to create an object that allowed the participation of the viewer and told a story and/or created a mood or emotion. The projects from Frédérique Roy and Roxanne Bourbonnais were also made in concert with Ashley Miller’s Beyond the Object DISA option course.


16 08 2009

Narrative Object

These are some of the Narrative Objects from last years graduating photo students.


amelie amandaL marieP

lauraV erin samM

9 08 2009

Narrative Object

Nicolas Gouin’s haunting project produced as the final assignment in a 2d/3d design class for photo students.

Nicolas Gouin Narrative Object

And an excerpt from the soundtrack he composed to accompany the project.

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