10 02 2013

Still Life Photography

Here are a few examples of still life photography from the 3rd semester studio photo class.


19 12 2012

Narrative Objects 2012

Photography students constructed these experiential objects as part of their digital photo class. Some, in conjunction with DISA’s Beyond the Object option course, turned their projects into larger scale installation pieces.


12 11 2012

B+W Portraits

Here’s a sample of black and white portraits from the Intro to Photography class – made the old school way, in the darkroom!

26 09 2012

Vanessa Jourdain

In this excerpt from her graduating photo portfolio, Vanessa explores the daily rhythms and platitudes of her brothers life.


24 08 2012

Melina Geremia

In these excerpts from her graduating photo portfolio, Melina Geremia explores a youth culture bent on nihilistic fun.


6 06 2012

Raffaella Szilagyi

Lost girl in the big city. Excerpts from Raffaella Szilagyi’s graduating photo portfolio.


3 06 2012

Emily Hughes

Excerpts from Emily Hughes’ graduating photo portfolio, dealing with the intimacy and complexity of the relationship between sisters.


17 05 2012

Music Books 2012

From the photo students’ 2d/3d design class come “books” inspired by pieces of music.

15 05 2012

Creative Arts 2012 slide show

A year’s worth of pictures, fun and memories! 40th anniversary edition.

5 05 2012

Camera Obscuras

For a pinhole camera assignment in their 2D/3D photo design class, both Paul Lofeodo and ChloƩ Lafond decided to turn their rooms into camera obscuras. Below are the outdoor projections, photographed with a digital camera and rotated 180 degrees so that you can see the image right side up.