25 09 2011

Kristen Buzzell

In this excerpt from her series of black and white portraits made for her final Photo Portfolio class, Kristen explores the relationship between photographer and subject while sensitively inquiring about the nature of friendship.


19 08 2011

Rebecca Mathieu

For Rebecca’s graduating project in the photography profile she chose to  portray women in their environments. By using the triptych, she expands the frame and space and gives the viewer further insight into the lives of her subjects.


26 05 2011

Music Books 2011

From our illustrious 2nd semester photo students comes their visual interpretation of a piece of music or a song. All assembled using their creative idea of a book.


16 05 2011

Creative Arts 2011 Slide Show

Look at all the fun our students, teachers and support people have during the year! What a program!

20 04 2011

Pinhole Camera Craziness

Here is what some of our second semester photo students came up with when asked to build a pinhole camera that went beyond the traditional Quaker Oats box.


15 04 2011

colour narrative image

Here are some examples of the Narrative Image from our second semester colour photo students.


28 03 2011

In The Gallery

From now until April 4th in the Wayne Remington Gallery,  an exhibition of narrative images from 2nd semester colour photo class and 4th semester storytelling option photo class.NarrativeImage

7 02 2011

Intro photo projects part 2

More from intro photo.


4 02 2011

intro photo projects part 1

Here are a few images from the final intro to photo colour project. Students are asked to produce 12-15 photographs on a theme of their choosing.


10 01 2011

Narrative design objects

Here are some projects produced by 3rd semester photo/design students. The idea was to create an object that allowed the participation of the viewer and told a story and/or created a mood or emotion. The projects from Frédérique Roy and Roxanne Bourbonnais were also made in concert with Ashley Miller’s Beyond the Object DISA option course.