26 11 2010

B+W Portraits part II

Here are a few more black and white portraits from this year’s Intro to Photo classes.

15 11 2010

B+W Portraits part 1

Some black and white portraits made old-school with film and printed in our darkroom. These are from the first semester intro to photo class. More to come.


1 11 2010

More from Light and Image

Great use of space in these images by Karel Chladek – made for his final project in the Light and Image photo option class.


27 10 2010

projection portraits

Here are some interesting portraits from Jennifer Pascual made in a Light and Image photo option class.


21 10 2010

Last Year’s Creative Arts Program

Here is a slide show of photos showing students and teachers at work in the Creative Arts program, 2009-2010.

19 08 2010

Batman: The New Adventures Of

For their final project in a Light and Image Photo option course Ryan Graham, Adam Keeler, Matteo Modafferi and Will Keating decided to  create their own take on the Batman comic book series. They were responsible for the sets, costumes, make-up, writing, storyboarding, layout, lighting and, of course, photography. Oh, and we believe they cast themselves as the characters too.


1 06 2010

Music Inspired Books

Photo students in a second semester 2D/3D design course were asked to create a book based on a piece of music. Here are a few of the results.


19 05 2010

Pinhole cameras

Here are a few examples of pinhole cameras and the resulting images that were made by photo students in their 2D/3D design class. Most use paper negatives, but the chair actually has a built-in film mechanism.


11 05 2010

Photo Films

These three films explore the idea of the photographic frame and how it relates to time. Forget the Decisive Moment and think about the extension of the temporal.  Andre Lai, Xavier Bleau-Prévost and Caoimhe Beaulé have all created beautiful time pieces for their Image and Light photo option class.

Stillness in Time by Andre Lai

Clementine by Xavier Bleau-Prévost

Daydreamer by Caoimhe Beaulé

16 04 2010

Image + Light Portraits

The following images are from an assignment given in the Image and Light option class. The students were asked to make a series of black and white portraits inspired by a photographer or a period style. They picked photographers as disparate as Horst P. Horst, Diane Arbus, Katy Grannan etc. They also seemed to like the idea of the classical Hollywood portrait. Here are a few examples: