18 03 2010


Fourth semester photo students were given the task of photographing and designing a billboard to bring awareness to a social concern. Here are a few of the projects.


20 01 2010

Excerpts from Intro Photo

For the final colour assignment in our Introduction to Photography course, we ask the students to put together a series of fifteen images based on a theme.  Sometimes the themes are purely formal – images dealing with colour or form or light. Sometimes these themes can be psychological in nature – emoting humour, or joy, or sadness. Sometimes the theme can take on a serious subject. Below you will find excerpts from a variety of intro projects. Their themes run the gamut from the serious – Kelsey Keeble-Laberge’s work tackles the body-image expectations that young women often face in contemporary society, to the formal – Alannah Lloyd, David Leroux and Frederique Roy all explore light, composition and colour.  Portraits play a role, as in Asa Shulman’s photos of his fellow cadets. And for pure lovable idiocy, check out Sean Durnin’s Prank photos.







30 11 2009

Fashion Reality

Here is a sample of images from third semester photo students. The assignment encompasses realism in fashion photography.





17 11 2009

B+W Portraits

Here is a sample of black and white portraits from first semester Intro students.

DavidLeroux2KassandraShunTang AlannahLloyd2


8 11 2009

Alexandre Gouin

A unique take on The Seven Deadly Sins, as created by Alex Gouin for a second semester colour photo class.

AlexandreGouinanger AlexandreGouinenvy

AlexandreGouingluttony AlexandreGouingreed

AlexandreGouinlust AlexandreGouinpride


1 11 2009

Nicolas Gouin

Images by Nic Gouin from a 2nd semester colour photo assignment.

NicolasGouin5 NicolasGouin6

NicolasGouin7 NicolasGouin2

NicolasGouin3 NicolasGouin1


17 10 2009

Charlotte Paré-Cova

Charlotte Paré-Cova’s images made for a second semester colour photo class.

CharlottePareCova1 CharlottePareCova2

CharlottePareCova3 CharlottePareCova4

CharlottePareCova5 CharlottePareCova6CharlottePareCova7


1 10 2009

Camera Obscura

When Fred was assigned a pinhole camera to build in his 2D/3D design class, he casually asked whether he could turn his garage into a Camera Obscura. With his mom’s hesitant agreement, he drilled a hole in the door, painted the wall and rearranged the furniture. The result is an upside-down projection of the outside world on the back wall. What you see below is a photograph of that projection.


25 09 2009

Rachel Mitacek

An excerpt from a portfolio project from a second semester colour photo class.

RachelMitacek1 RachelMitacek2

RachelMitacek3 RachelMitacek4

RachelMitacek5 RachelMitacek6

5 09 2009

Music Book Project

These projects are from the 2D/3D design class for photo students. They made books based on visual interpretations of a piece of music.

These are pages from Melanie Taillon’s book based on Say Hi to your Mom’s “Zero to Love”.



These next pages are from Xavier Hamel’s book based on the song “If I had a Heart” by Fever Ray.