1 09 2009

Pinhole Camera

This is Claudia Mayer’s pinhole shower camera, made for her 2D/3D design class. The negative image is made with the camera and the positive is a contact print made in the darkroom.

Claudia Meyer's NegativeClaudia Meyer's Camera

1 09 2009

More Pinhole Cameras

Here are some more pinhole cameras made in the 2D/3D design class. And below you will find a few images made with some of those camera. If you are interested in pinhole cameras, check out world pinhole day.

Cassandra Sawodny's image from her loaf of bread camera. Xavier Hamel made this image in Champlain's cafeteria with his Tea-Coffee-Flour camera.

Pinhole Cameras Melanie Taillon's image from her coconut camera.

16 08 2009

Narrative Object

These are some of the Narrative Objects from last years graduating photo students.


amelie amandaL marieP

lauraV erin samM

9 08 2009

Narrative Object

Nicolas Gouin’s haunting project produced as the final assignment in a 2d/3d design class for photo students.

Nicolas Gouin Narrative Object

And an excerpt from the soundtrack he composed to accompany the project.

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1 08 2009

Tessa Marzitelli

An excerpt from a portfolio project from a second semester colour photo class.

untitled 1 untitled 2

untitled 3 untitled 4

untitled 5 untitled 6

untitled 7 untitled 8

15 07 2009

Portraits – Intro Photo

Here is a sample of black and white portraits from the Intro Photo class in the first semester. These come from the students’ first or second ever roll of film.

NinoskaDenio JoanaMendes-Novo3

AnnaPang1 WilliamKeating

MarcLarouche1 quinnBullardBarnes2AmandaRylander1

TszHoTsang3 HilaryJanePeterson1

SarahLamonde2 AntoineRochette1

AmandaAmar JeremyEzekiel

CandaceChouinard2 MarieCauchon1