19 05 2014

creative pinhole cameras

Students in the Photography profile were asked to explode the notion of a camera and create sculptural objects that take pictures. Here’s what they came up with.


6 05 2013

Crazy Pinhole Cameras

Students in the 2d/3d photo/design class were asked to explode the notion of a pinhole camera. Here’s what some of them came up with.

5 05 2012

Camera Obscuras

For a pinhole camera assignment in their 2D/3D photo design class, both Paul Lofeodo and Chloé Lafond decided to turn their rooms into camera obscuras. Below are the outdoor projections, photographed with a digital camera and rotated 180 degrees so that you can see the image right side up.


24 04 2012

Creative Pinhole Cameras

In honour of the upcoming World Pinhole Day, we present some creative takes on the pinhole camera. Straight from the minds of 2D/3D photo class students.


20 04 2011

Pinhole Camera Craziness

Here is what some of our second semester photo students came up with when asked to build a pinhole camera that went beyond the traditional Quaker Oats box.


19 05 2010

Pinhole cameras

Here are a few examples of pinhole cameras and the resulting images that were made by photo students in their 2D/3D design class. Most use paper negatives, but the chair actually has a built-in film mechanism.


1 10 2009

Camera Obscura

When Fred was assigned a pinhole camera to build in his 2D/3D design class, he casually asked whether he could turn his garage into a Camera Obscura. With his mom’s hesitant agreement, he drilled a hole in the door, painted the wall and rearranged the furniture. The result is an upside-down projection of the outside world on the back wall. What you see below is a photograph of that projection.


1 09 2009

Pinhole Camera

This is Claudia Mayer’s pinhole shower camera, made for her 2D/3D design class. The negative image is made with the camera and the positive is a contact print made in the darkroom.

Claudia Meyer's NegativeClaudia Meyer's Camera

1 09 2009

More Pinhole Cameras

Here are some more pinhole cameras made in the 2D/3D design class. And below you will find a few images made with some of those camera. If you are interested in pinhole cameras, check out world pinhole day.

Cassandra Sawodny's image from her loaf of bread camera. Xavier Hamel made this image in Champlain's cafeteria with his Tea-Coffee-Flour camera.

Pinhole Cameras Melanie Taillon's image from her coconut camera.