14 04 2012

Mariyan Imielinski

Mariyan examines our perception of space in these 360 degree panoramas taken for her graduating photography project.


31 10 2011

Fred Roy

Poetic, intuitive and perceptive describes this body of work from Fred Roy who visited a small Quebec town to explore her family roots and discovered the accompanying fragility, sadness and dignity.



10 10 2011

Catherine Zielonka-Fournier

In this excerpt from her final photo portfolio, Catherine chose to photograph quiet and intimate spaces in the winter landscape.


25 09 2011

Kristen Buzzell

In this excerpt from her series of black and white portraits made for her final Photo Portfolio class, Kristen explores the relationship between photographer and subject while sensitively inquiring about the nature of friendship.


19 08 2011

Rebecca Mathieu

For Rebecca’s graduating project in the photography profile she chose to  portray women in their environments. By using the triptych, she expands the frame and space and gives the viewer further insight into the lives of her subjects.


8 11 2009

Alexandre Gouin

A unique take on The Seven Deadly Sins, as created by Alex Gouin for a second semester colour photo class.

AlexandreGouinanger AlexandreGouinenvy

AlexandreGouingluttony AlexandreGouingreed

AlexandreGouinlust AlexandreGouinpride


1 11 2009

Nicolas Gouin

Images by Nic Gouin from a 2nd semester colour photo assignment.

NicolasGouin5 NicolasGouin6

NicolasGouin7 NicolasGouin2

NicolasGouin3 NicolasGouin1


17 10 2009

Charlotte Paré-Cova

Charlotte Paré-Cova’s images made for a second semester colour photo class.

CharlottePareCova1 CharlottePareCova2

CharlottePareCova3 CharlottePareCova4

CharlottePareCova5 CharlottePareCova6CharlottePareCova7


25 09 2009

Rachel Mitacek

An excerpt from a portfolio project from a second semester colour photo class.

RachelMitacek1 RachelMitacek2

RachelMitacek3 RachelMitacek4

RachelMitacek5 RachelMitacek6

1 08 2009

Tessa Marzitelli

An excerpt from a portfolio project from a second semester colour photo class.

untitled 1 untitled 2

untitled 3 untitled 4

untitled 5 untitled 6

untitled 7 untitled 8