2 10 2014

sculptures from DISA

A sampling of sculptures made by our students in the Digital Imaging Studio Arts profile.


1 10 2013

sculptures from our DISA students

Sculptures from our Digital Imaging/Studio Arts students.

14Brandon_Knowles13Christian_Big_Canoe12Dario_Catalano11Dario Catalano10Trystan_Warnock_Juteau09Kellie_Kiakas08Christian_Big_Canoe07Shauna_Whyte04Kellie_Kiakas03Patricia Giannakos02Shauna_Whyte01Lindy_Li_Loong

3 02 2011


works done in 3rd semester Sculpture Class.


5 05 2010

Time Based sculpture

The images below, from Melissa Del Balso and Tsz Ho Tsang, are documentations of their time based sculptural interventions – made for a third semester DISA sculpture class.


30 04 2010

3rd Semester Sculpture

The following project are from a 3rd semester sculpture class in our DISA profile.

22 01 2010

Documenting Sculpture

The following movies are projects done by DISA students in their sculpture class.  The premise the students worked with was that time and space were mediums to be manipulated sculpturally.

Caiohme Beaulé – Perpetual Rhythm – an animation where the life cycle of a plant is seen as a metaphoric parallel to the psychic cycle of a human being.

Malcom Macdonald – Smile – Playful yet macabre – speaks to the child in all of us.

29 09 2009


These are sculptures made by fourth semester DISA students as part of their final portfolios.

ClementLiuRepetitiousCircles David Silveira-Branding Box

KatherineLauriault- Recyclingproject StephanieDeltestaNaturePreserved

VickyGiardWallpiece Marie-JoelleGingrasWoodenCubes

DavidSilveiraWar2 SoniaWuCube

SophieGirardCrossover WanYuLi-Repetition

MathewMarzitelliConfinement SophieGirardAssemblageGroupProjectClayTower

SoniaWuCage AlyssaBrandonePearl

MichaelSandPlant ChrisTan-binary