22 05 2012


Slow down and take time to look at life.
Time lapse from Film 3 students Chris Rob, Laurence Pagé and Justine Daly.

18 05 2012

Low Class

Here’s this year’s Portfolio class production from the 2012 graduating students in Film/Video/Communications profile.  It’s inspired by the Elvis Presley musicals of the 1950’s and 60’s, and stars our own Elvis lookalike Andrew Assaf.  Andrew is lip-syncing to an original song, “Low Class”, recorded and performed by Creative Arts students including a talented singer in our first year group, Avery Billingy-Thompson.  You might think we’re low class, but we could teach you a thing or two!

6 11 2011

In My Head

Disturbing imagery from inside the thought processes of our main character in this experimental short from Film 4 student, Kurt Waizmann.

31 10 2011


The zombies are coming! The zombies are coming! Just in time for Halloween!
From Film 2 students Andrew Assaf, Catherine Boivert, Nathaniel Clouthier, Marc-Andre Cloutier and Connor McBride comes this creepily pertinent horror short.

28 10 2011


Relationships, misunderstandings, complications, plot twists. It’s all here in this short fiction from Film 4 students Melanie Cardinal, Steve Deku, and Michael Gannon.

22 02 2011

Before The End

In this narrative short film we follow the visually intriguing story of a little red book as it is passed from one owner to the next. By Oisin Beaulé, Marcelo Reyes, Jezabel Sauvé and Laurie Parent, made for their Film 2 class.

20 02 2011

Champagne Interrupted

A young woman dances with herselves (yes plural). A personal project for the Film 4 class.

7 09 2010


A startling and beautifully shot film by Andre Lai, Kim Dionne and Ryan Baird about a young man adrift in sea of uncertainty and turmoil.

3 04 2010

The Duck

Strange things happen when time can be revisited, in this humorous ode to awkwardness by Xavier Bleau Prevost.

26 03 2010

Asian Porcelain

Andre Lai’s playful, rhythmic, short film based on an original musical performance piece.