14 03 2010

There Is A Man…

There Is A Man In The Habit Of Hitting Me On The Head With An Umbrella.
The strange tale of a young man with a very curious affliction. A film by Philippe-Olivier Contant starring Joe Drechou and Bernard Contant.

11 03 2010

Clay Brown’s Last Hoorah

Jordan Crowder’s glimpse into the life of a very depressed clown.

5 03 2010


Things start to go very wrong for a young woman terrorized by something menacing in this fictional short by Jason De Vilhena, Cédric Aubut-Boucher and Olivia Todara. Starring Sabrina Campilii.

23 09 2009


A short experimental film by Eliane Sauvé and Antoine Pommet-Paré.

1 09 2009

Dear Mother

An excerpt from Dear Mother
a short film by Emma Dartois

6 08 2009

The Last Ride

An excerpt from  The Last Ride
A short film by Patrick Veroneau