20 05 2015

2014-15 slide show

2014-15 year in pictures!

2014-2015 Slideshow from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

1 04 2015

Award winners

Two Creative Arts students were honoured for academic excellence in the 2015 Caisse Desjardins and Champlain Foundation Scholarships.  Alix Plamondon of Photo profile and Julie Brown of DISA each received $750 prizes for having the highest overall average in the first year of cegep and at Secondary 5, respectively.

8 02 2015


Check out the amazing things some of our former students had to say about our program!!!!! This just proves that you should be studying here!

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6 02 2015

Visits to DISA Portfolio Class

This week has been a busy week in the DISA Portfolio class.  Former students have come to share their experience and expertise in order to help the current students apply to university.  From Concordia University’s Film Animation program we had Jennifer Kiakas, Kelly Kiakas, Trystan Warnock-Juteau and Steven Labute.  From Design Art, Alex Pelchat-White. From Computation Art, Jessica Maher.  And from Art Education, Matthew Birrell. We also had Thomas Bacanu, Jade Morin-Turenne and Frederique Berger-Latour share their experiences from CENTRE NAD- Centre national d’animation et de design. Also coming by and teaching the students how to build web portfolios, was Brian Finn and Louis Pierre Uzay. Brian was a DISA student who went on to Computation Arts at Concordia and the studied in California. He now works as a graphic designer at his own company, popheadwear. We thank these grads for their generosity in sharing their experiences and time with our current group.

04JennKellyTrystan03Alex_Pelchat-White06JessAlexMatthew07Thomas_Bacanu05Jess_at_computer01BrianFinnLouisPierre Uzay02Brian_Louis_lab

30 01 2015

Student for a day

We encourage potential students to come and hang out for a day. Laurence Girard, a secondary 5 student at école d’éducation internationale of McMasterville did just that. She sat in on 3 classes to get an idea of what it’s like to be a Champlain student. We hope to see her in the Film and New Media profile next semester.


30 01 2015

Grad visit 2015

“Each year, talented and enthusiastic graduates of our program return to speak to our current 4th semester students, who are at this moment FREAKING OUT about university applications and sometimes even more generally about what they are going to do with their lives!  In a wonderful open atmosphere our visitors answer any and all questions and share details about life after Champlain – does it cost a lot to go to University?  Is there time for a social life?  How much homework?  Was the interview difficult?  How did they choose what program to apply to?”


18 08 2014

2013-14 year in pictures

This is Creative Arts – Year 42!!!!!

2013-2014 Slideshow from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.

7 02 2014

Film and Disa Grad Visit

Once again, our illustrious grads have dropped by for a visit to share their experiences with a new crop of graduating students. We thank them for their wise words and generosity of time.

FilmVideo GradsDisaGrad

4 12 2013

Tehoniehtathe Delisle

We are proud of a recent graduate of Creative Arts, Tehoniehtathe Delisle, who was part of a team who designed a computer game based on Aboriginal Legends.  It was selected as Best New Media in this year’s IMAGINATIVE festival.


28 05 2013

2012-13 year in pictures

Another great year of images brought to you by the students and teachers of the Creative Arts Department at Champlain.

2013 creative arts slide show from Creative Arts Champlain on Vimeo.